Let us help enhance your athletic performance and make it less likely to get injured. We are offering 30 minutes sessions right before or after your practice.  We will be focusing on injury resistance: balance, flexibility, core work, cutting and landing. Improve athletic performance: speed (starting and stopping), change or direction, footwork and core work.

Dates/Day: 5 weeks (Five 30 minutes sessions)

One time per week.  Openings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Session start the week of August 20 or week of August 27

Time: Afternoon and evening. 30 minutes before or after your practice

Cost:  $69 to $89 per athlete, per training session.  Cost depends on location of your practice field.

LIFTraining, LLC reserves the right to cancel
(with full refund) if minimum enrollment is NOT met. Also, understand that there will be no refund or make up day(s) for unattended sessions. Consistent Training contributes to success.

Location: Your practice field

FOCUS AREAS:                                                                                      Performance on the Field: Our performance training programs seek to improve all aspects of performance: speed, first step quickness, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, power, agility and core strength.
Injury resistance: How many plays can you make if you are injured on the sidelines? ZERO!! Learn how to build your bodies resistance to all injuries by increasing mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility and learning proper landing and deceleration. 

Advantages: This group allows you to compete with other athletes that have similar goals. Accountability and feedback from a professional that you cannot get training on your own.

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What is sports performance training?

Training designed specifically to enhance performance in competition to make an athlete more successful in their chosen sport and reduce the potential for injury. 

What are the benefits of sports performance training with LIFTraining:

  • Improve your ability to perform your given sport
  • Effective programs for reducing the risk of injury from non contact related injuries
  • Develop a proper foundation with performance fundamentals
  • Increase muscular strength, core, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, mental preparedness, foot speed, power, etc. 
  • Increase confidence and motivation 
  • Help athletes perform at their full potential
  • Increase preparation for the demands of sports practice and competition
  • Improve motor skills

Is it safe or is my child to young to performance train?

It is important to expose kids to a variety of developmentally appropriate activities early in life to reduce the risk of sport related injuries and improve health and physical fitness. Training helps master fundamental motor skills, improve movement mechanics and gain confidence with proper progression, variety and recovery intervals.