Winter/Fall Group of 4 or 5 Athletes Flex Groups

One of the ideas behind winter flex groups is the understanding that athletes will miss a session(s) because of sickness or other conflict. Therefore athletes pay for 7 out of 8 sessions (if choosing 8 sessions) or 13 out of 16 sessions (if choosing 16 sessions). Athletes are welcome to come to all sessions and if you can make all sessions you still pay the rate for 7 ( if 8 sessions chosen) or 13 (if 16 sessions chosen).

  • 8 Sessions (60 minutes per session) Price $210 - Price is based on 7 sessions. (Regular price $240)

  • 16 Sessions (60 minutes per session) Price $380 - Price is based on13 sessions. (Regular price $480)

Schedule (days and times) are set by group and availability of trainer. Times and days may change each week or skip a week or other flexibility. Some weeks may have more than 1 training session.

A small group of athletes (4 or 5 athletes) gives an opportunity to go into greater detail with form, technique, drills and exercises and allows more individual attention. One trainer training four or five athletes allow this to happen!

FOCUS AREAS: Let us help enhance your athletic performance and make it less likely to get injured. We are offering 60 minutes sessions this winter.  We will be focusing on injury resistance: balance, flexibility, core work, cutting and landing. Improve athletic performance: speed (starting and stopping), power, change of direction, footwork, strength and core work.