Summer Group of 4 or 5 Flex Groups

One of the ideas behind summer flex groups is the understanding that athletes will miss a session(s) because of camp or vacation or similar. Therefore athletes pay for 7 out of 8 sessions (if choosing 8 sessions) or 13 out of 16 sessions (if choosing 16 sessions). Athletes are welcome to come to all sessions and if you can make all sessions you still pay the rate for 7 ( if 8 sessions chosen) or 13 (if 16 sessions chosen).

  • 8 Sessions (60 minutes per session) Price $210 - Price is based on 7 sessions. (Regular price $240)

  • 16 Sessions (60 minutes per session) Price $380 - Price is based on13 sessions. (Regular price $480)

Schedule (days and times) are set by group and availability of trainer. Times and days may change each week or skip a week or other flexibility. Some weeks may have more than 1 training session.

In addition one make up is allowed (8 sessions) or 3 make ups (16 sessions).  Make ups are athlete circuit training (core, footwork, strength, intervals, etc) that is every Saturday 9am from June 15 to August 10.

A small group of athletes (4 or 5 athletes) gives an opportunity to go into greater detail with form, technique, drills and exercises and allows more individual attention. One trainer training four athletes allow this to happen!

FOCUS AREAS: Let us help enhance your athletic performance and make it less likely to get injured. We are offering 60 minutes sessions this summer.  We will be focusing on injury resistance: balance, flexibility, core work, cutting and landing. Improve athletic performance: speed (starting and stopping), power, change of direction, footwork, strength and core work.