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3225 Parmenter Street
Middleton, WI  53562


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“Building a Foundation for Life”


We first opened our doors in April of 2005. Since then we have expanded our base of athletes of every age to over 2,000. In our world, everyone is an athlete regardless of skill level, age or fitness level.  We are excited to be able to offer a wide range of classes and training options in our brand new facility in Middleton.  Below you will find some common questions that we get regarding LIFTraining Personal & Performance Training.  

What does LIFTraining stand for?  LIFTraining stands for: Life Integrated Functional Training.  Our name is reflective of the type of training for all ages and all levels. We wanted a name that would reflect the kind of training we believe in, and train not only others, but practice ourselves as well.  The number one investment a person can make in their own life is their health.  Integrated Training is for every lifestyle regardless of age or fitness level. Our motto, Building a Foundation for Life applies to every day living. That is what we are about: Enabling you to build your foundation of being healthy and active for life!

Who owns LIFTraining? Mara & Craig Wyttenbach are the owners. Both are former athletes from University of Wisconsin and have a passion for healthy living - and want to see everyone building a foundation for life!