Personal Training

Tying to accomplish a fitness goal? Want to lose or gain some weight? Tired of your current workout and want to see more results?  Our Personal Training programs are designed to make a difference and support you as you strive to make results happen.  Our Personal Trainers will work with you to set realistic goals and give you the one-on-one instruction to achieve them.


Performance Training

Whether you are training to play longer, striving towards an athletic scholarship or improving your athletic ability, we have the program for you! Let our Performance Training Specialists design a program to fit the individual and team goals of all ages and athletic abilities. Individualized sessions focus on improving core strength, speed & power, muscle & joint strength, balance & agility, flexibility & range of motion, body control & awareness, and resistance to injury!

Group Training

Form your own group and train with athletes and teammates who have similar goals.  Our performance training specialist will help design a program to help acheive your goals. Fee is based on number of athletes in your group.  Let us help take your group to a Championship Level! Contact us today for a free session for your team or group!!