Performance Training


Train together as a TEAM!

Dates: For more information please contact us for days and times. 

Day: Monday - Saturday

Time: Morning, afternoon and evening times currently open weekdays. Morning only on Saturdays.

Cost: 10 sessions - $1,999 per team Cost per athlete (using special price of $1,799, special expires June 30):

8 athletes $225 per person

9 athletes $200 per person

10 athletes $180 per person

11 athletes $164 per person

12 athletes $150 per person

GROUP CAPPED at 13 athletes




Performance on the Field: Our performance training programs seek to improve all aspects of performance: speed, first step quickness, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, power, agility and strength.


Injury resistance: How many plays can you make if you are injured on the sidelines? ZERO!! Learn how to build your bodies resistance to all injuries by increasing mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility and learning proper landing and deceleration.


Advantages: This group allows you to compete with other athletes that have similar goals. Accountability and feedback from a professional that you cannot get training on your own.  Stay motivated and increase training intensity by training in a team setting today.